what's in my bag: katrina


1. Deodorant, because you never know. 2. Rode SmartLav+, so I can get good audio on the go. 3. I LOVE notebooks. This one is from Thailand and about 15 years old. 4. Two (?) sets of earbuds so I can listen to depressing hipster music without bothering Kari. 5. Necessary! My hands get SO cold. Not pictured: my water bottle, phone and the pile of receipts/paper scraps/gum wrappers that are usually swimming around in the bottom of my bag.

Besides my power cord, I can’t live without a quality pen nearby at all times. I like UniBall and InkJoy. And a good lipstick. Honestly, I’m surprised there’s only one in there. It makes me feel put together, even when my life totally isn’t.

I’m notorious for not using a purse/bag at all. I’ll stuff my phone in my pocket and then juggle a billion things in my hands. It drives Kari nuts. But I need to get better at it, because I’m often working from a coffee shop or library, and my bag is my office.

Often, my bag is as eclectic as my life. Sometimes there’ll be a diaper in there, or a library book, or just this morning, a fresh banana muffin. I rarely have snacks in there though, which is something that needs to change!