what's in my bag: kari


1. Notebook(s). I need them for everything. Doodles. Notes. You name it. 2. I’ve always got snacks on hand. 3. Give me all of the washi tape! 4. Lipsticks! A fave. 5. You’ll never see me without a water bottle. Not pictured: my computer(s), Tandem business cards, two more lipsticks and my headphones.

I always, always have a water bottle in my bag. Hydration is so important when it comes to feeling your best. (Can someone point me to the bathroom?) Same goes for lipstick. I’ll swipe some on before meeting with a client and it takes my look from blah to #babestatus.

Quality pens and paper are must-haves for me. You never know when you’ll want to sketch or doodle or take notes. Katrina and I always argue about what coffee shop to go to but I didn’t earn my Starbucks gold card by frequenting the competition. Ha! Regardless of what’s inside, I usually always have a backpack/bag/purse with me. Where else am I going to store all my items?!