Beating the Winter Blahs...

When February hits in Minnesota, the winter blues come knocking. With the lack of sunshine and fresh air, sometimes work can start to feel stale. Here’s some ideas for staying inspired on those cold and dreary days:

  1. When the sun is shining, take advantage of it and go for a walk! Nothing energizes us more that finding a new state park and exploring it for a couple of hours in an afternoon. The air might be brisk and chilly, but it puts a spark back into our step and helps clear the cabin-fever cobwebs.

  2. Switch things up by finding some new music through Music-Map. We love using this simple site to discover new artists that have similar sounds to our regulars. A new beat in your ears is often all you need to get moving again.

  3. Wander through your local fabric store or library. For us, holding physical products in our hands helps us feel more connected to the designs themselves. A visit to the fabric store yields us pattern inspiration we can use in future products, and the library is chock-full of design goodness - from books on architecture, design, watercolor, photography, hey, sometimes we just like to look at the book covers themselves.

  4. Get into the Oscar hype! Research which movies are garnering Oscar buzz and go watch them! Take note of the storytelling, the cinematography, the costumes and the character development. Sometimes seeing the creativity of others expressed through their craft translates into inspiration in your own work.

  5. Finally, light some candles and take a bath - relax under the hot water and bubbles and let your mind just be. With so many things happening around all of us everyday, it’s important to find a time and space to be present to our thoughts without distractions. And often, when we do have time to space out, good ideas will creep in.