Throw the confetti, sprinkle the glitter, blast the Pitch Perfect soundtrack all day because...it’s our birthday month!!!!

Yep. We’re officially one year old. (Well, Tandem is.)

It certainly hasn’t been a year of roses, sunshine and walks in the park, but it’s been an oh-so-good and challenging year of learning who we are as Tandem Creative, and who we want to be moving forward.

We’ve learned that owning a creative business doesn’t necessarily mean you get to play with watercolors all day. It also means figuring out invoicing and scheduling meetings. Some days have felt overwhelming, and some days have felt exhilarating.

There have been projects that we’ve done well, but realized it really wasn’t something we wanted to offer in the future. There have been other projects that we’ve loved and can’t wait to do more of. We’ve realized the importance of dividing and conquering tasks, and how to walk the line of friendship and business partnership.

Looking ahead, we can’t wait to establish good rhythms in our work, tighten up our personal branding and the services we’re offering, take on new challenges that expand our skill sets and schedule regular happy hours with other creative minds.

This is just the beginning of our big dream…..

….cheers to year ONE!