ABOUT Tandem Creative

We are a creative agency using graphic design - printed & digital, and film to create materials for businesses, nonprofits and individuals. Our work captures the character of our clients in order for others to understand, relate, connect and respond to their story.

kari & katrina

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As two adventurous girls from Minneapolis, we instantly connected through a mutual love of camping, nature and all things creative. Working together soon became a dream of ours, and in May 2015 we took the leap and started Tandem Creative. 



Kari has always been curious about those around her; everyone is a potential friend with a story to share. She's constantly creating movies, photographs and designs in her mind from the things around her. Outside of Tandem, Kari is often surrounded by friends: at a bonfire, on a road trip or snuggled on the couch with a good crime show.



Growing up overseas, Katrina was fortunate enough to see many cultures and lifestyles around the world, sparking her desire to engage in the stories of others through written and visual means. When she's not at Tandem, she can be found on an airplane, in a tent or on the back of her husband's moped.